This morning at our monthly meeting, someone raised the question, what are the weirdest things found inside desktop machines.. after he had a callout and found a machine full of dead ants last week.

We went round the group and it was surprising to find that the most common item found in pcs was dead dusty spiders and ants, we had one case of snake , one case of bitten toenails and even tomato ketchup…. this is a key reminder to all that keeping your computer maintained and clean is key to saving the environment and that viruses are not the only danger out there, give one of the guys a call if you suspect that you have any issues as above and add yourself to our wall of fame.

We investigated the claim of tomato ketchup and found that the user and used it to stop his hard drive cage rattling… a novel idea to be sure but perhaps not the best.

Below we have several pictures from around the world of strange strange items and creatures that found an untimely death at the mercy of high voltage components.

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Laptop Repair in London | Machine full of Dead Ants

Dusty Machine

Laptop repair in London | A very dusty machine!


Laptop repair in London | A frog


Laptop repair in London | Lizard Trapped in fan.


Laptop repair in London | Doll house

School PC

Laptop repair in London | A School Computer

snake pc

Laptop repair in London | A snake made a nice home inside a machine.

Web Surfing

Laptop repair in London | ‘Web Surfing’



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